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Seminars for Law Firms


Legal cost control seminars are a quick way to communicate your commitment to reducing legal costs to your staff and your law firms. We tailor our legal cost control seminars to meet the specific needs of your company, whether your legal managers have no formal legal training or whether they are experienced attorneys responsible for supervising complex litigation.

In essence, our legal cost control seminars can be viewed as litigation management in a nutshell.


  1. Basic strategies of legal bill review: a hands-on demonstration
  2. Billing abuses: recognizing the warning signs
  3. Assuring compliance with you litigation management and legal cost control policies
  4. Communicating your legal cost control goals to outside counsel
  5. Setting up litigation management systems
  6. Alternative billing arrangements: When are they cost effective?
  7. What is a Reasonable Fee? : Ethical and Legal Considerations


Given the state of the legal market where clients are demanding cost efficiencies and are combing their legal invoices with a fine tooth comb, law firms should be teaching its associates how to record time so that their bills get paid. And we can do that in a one-hour meeting at your firm's office.

Judith Bronsther, Esq., President of Accountability Services, Inc., a leading national legal fee auditing firm, will deliver a short, punchy, enjoyable one-hour lecture at your office that will teach your associates the following:

  • Basic Law Regarding Legal Fees
    • American Rule
    • Fee Shifting: Common Law and Statutory Exceptions to the American Rule
    • Lodestar and Presumptively Reasonable Fee
    • Ethics of Legal Billing
    • ABA Model Rule 1.5
    • California Advisory 03-01 Detecting Attorney Bill Padding January 29, 2003 (Cited by many federal courts in multiple jurisdictions)
  • What Legal Fee Auditors Look For:
    • Deviations from Billing Policies
    • Unacceptable Billing Methodology
    • Inadequate Task Descriptions
    • Duplicative Work
    • Billing for Unreasonable or Unnecessary Time
    • Evidence of Bill Padding

If your law firm is a CLE provider, ASI will work with you to have this seminar accredited for ethics credits.

Benefits may include:

  • Reduce the amount of time billing partner's take to review the pre-bills
  • Reduce the amount of time that needs to be written off
  • Increase client satisfaction and the potential for legal billing disputes
  • Make your invoices audit-proof
  • CLE ethics credits provided for each participant

Ms. Bronsther founded Accountability Services in 1991 and since its inception has reviewed almost one billion dollars in legal fees for Fortune 500 companies, governmental institutions, international corporations and others.  She is a graduate from New York University School of Law and an alumna of Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hayes and Handler. Ms. Bronsther's public appearances have included multiple CLE programs, including speaking before the National Association of the Attorney Generals and the Defense Research Institute and testifying at depositions, trials and arbitrations.

Accountability Services, Inc

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Accountability Services, one of the pioneers of the legal cost control and auditing industry, has proven techniques that result in significant savings.

Accountability Services, Inc

Since 1991, our legal auditors have reviewed over a billion dollars in legal fees and have reduced legal bills as much as 46% with our legal cost control services and 67% with our expert witness testimony.