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Monitoring Compliance


While legal auditing is certainly appropriate in a number of situations, our experience has shown that prospective legal management programs that create and maintain a relationship of trust and mutual respect with outside counsel are the most effective.

In essence, our legal cost control techniques can help you identify the problems, define the objectives and implement your quality control and cost control solutions.

Litigation management policies, if unmanaged, will have little effect on legal fees. To be effective (i.e., to reduce legal fees), it is necessary to scrutinize the monthly invoices to make sure that your law firms are in compliance with your legal cost control policies. Since monitoring compliance with litigation management policies is an extremely time consuming process, many companies elect to outsource this function. Accountability Services' legal auditors use our proprietary software to review monthly invoices to make sure the law firm is in compliance with the company's policies and determine if the bills are otherwise reasonable.

Accountability Services' compliance reports address:

  • Record Keeping
  • Staffing
  • Appropriateness of Assignment
  • Duplication of Efforts
  • Unnecessary Work
  • Inefficient Practices
  • Disbursements
  • Deviations from Budgets

Clients are provided with reports that identify and quantify the financial impact of any deviation from the client's litigation management policies and budgets. In addition, the reports isolate any emerging patterns or practices that may unnecessarily inflate legal costs. Recommendations for improvement are made.

Accountability Services, Inc

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Accountability Services, one of the pioneers of the legal cost control and auditing industry, has proven techniques that result in significant savings.

Accountability Services, Inc

Since 1991, our legal auditors have reviewed over a billion dollars in legal fees and have reduced legal bills as much as 46% with our legal cost control services and 67% with our expert witness testimony.