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Legal Bill Review: Historic


Accountability Services continually searches for more effective ways to help companies reduce their legal costs and streamline litigation management without sacrificing quality. We have found that prospective litigation management and legal cost control programs that create and maintain a relationship of trust and mutual respect with outside counsel are the most effective. Legal cost control and litigation management does not have to be an adversarial process. However, to manage your outside counsel you need traditional management tools. Historic reviews of your legal bills tell you how wisely you have spent and are spending you legal dollars. Our legal auditors and accountants use our proprietary software to determine whether the legal fees, time charges and disbursements were reasonable and how legal services can be delivered more cost effectively in the future. We focus on:

  • Efficiency of the law firm
  • Productivity of each individual who billed time
  • Patterns or practices to avoid in the future
  • Potential for cost saving measures such as:
    • Job-sharing arrangements, including partnering arrangements and hiring contract paralegals
    • Streamlining information flow and lines of authority
    • Data Management
  • Possibilities for advantageous alternative billing arrangements

Accountability Services, Inc

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Accountability Services, one of the pioneers of the legal cost control and auditing industry, has proven techniques that result in significant savings.

Accountability Services, Inc

Since 1991, our legal auditors have reviewed over a billion dollars in legal fees and have reduced legal bills as much as 46% with our legal cost control services and 67% with our expert witness testimony.