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Expert Testimony


Accountability Services' legal auditors have been designated as experts in numerous matters involving complex attorneys' fee disputes. If your dispute over attorneys' fees goes to court, you may need independent, expert testimony to enhance your arguments and persuade the judge and jury of the merits of your case. Our legal auditors will be ready to appear at a trial, hearing or deposition in support of any legal audit report issued by Accountability Services or to testify concerning appropriate and efficient law firm billing practices.

Accountability Services' president and executive vice-president are experienced attorneys who have been qualified as experts in the area of legal auditing and legal cost control and have testified in court. They have also lectured and written on these subjects and have assisted in negotiations and settlements of attorneys fee disputes.

For a list of articles on legal auditing and legal cost control either written by Ms. Bronsther and/or Ms. Biesecker or articles in which they have been quoted, please visit our Home Page.

Accountability Services, Inc

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Accountability Services, one of the pioneers of the legal cost control and auditing industry, has proven techniques that result in significant savings.

Accountability Services, Inc

Since 1991, our legal auditors have reviewed over a billion dollars in legal fees and have reduced legal bills as much as 46% with our legal cost control services and 67% with our expert witness testimony.